Skiathos diving center

Welcome to Skiathos Diving Center.

Welcome to Skiathos Island. Diving in Skiathos aegean waters and coming closer to the sea and the natural environment is a unique experience because of the amazing crystal blue waters, the high temperature under sea (20-26 degrees celcius) and the very good underwater visibility of up to 30 meters. All the above combined with our policy that gives emphasis to security and on respecting the natural enviroment this experience becomes a magnificent sensation. Discover "in depth" skiathos island and have a truly unforgettable holiday. 

Panagiotis Diolettas (Scuba Diving Instructor)

Born and raised in Skiathos island he learned from a child to love and respect the sea. His father a free diver himself and sea man passed his passionate love for the depth and the sea to his son in a unique way that only people that are raised by the sea can understand. Panagiotis turned this love to a profession that enables him to spend even more time in the sea and more importantly to pass over his knowledge and share with you all this underwater beauty that so much respects and love.

Quailifications :

  • PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Dive Trainer)
  • CMAS instructor (1 star) *
  • EFR (Emergency First Responce) Instructor
  • APNEA ACADEMY of Uberto Pelizzari (3 stars) ***
  • Qualified Professional Lifeguard

Skiathos Diving center

Our Skiathos Diving center operates in Koukounaries area.  Our facilities are mainly located within the premises of Caravos hotel in Koukounaries area and include our office, a class room, a swimming pool, a chnange room and WC) and at the beach of Koukounaries where our Sea-Base is located and is the starting point of all our scuba excursions,  Additionally our big diving moror boat Explorer II) is at our mooring in the new port of Skiathos town.   (PILAR 16) Skiathos Diving center is officially recognised by PADI and CMAS. Our brand new equipment is carefully selected by the best manufacturers as MARES, TECHNISUB, EFFESUB, DACOR and OCEANIC, CRESSI SUB and TIGULLIO.

Our equipment includes 2  PARAMINA filling automatic compressors.

Our Boats :

Our vesel is composed by 2 special diving boats to safely transport you to the diving sites.

  • Explorer : A 6,5 meter RIB with an open deck specially designed for scuba diving. Capacity: 12 persons
  • Explorer II : A 10 meter motor cruising boat. Capacity : 20 persons

Reservations - enquiries

If you want to enjoy a day in the sea, and to admire the beauty of the nature try our skiathos scuba diving, free diving or snorkelling excursions. For more information and reservations, please contact
Mob.: (+30) 6977081444
Mob.: (+30) 6979580041
Email :

For information about travelling to Skiathos check our skiathos travel link.